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Monday, February 5, 2007

Katrina blogs: Royal Lessons

American humorist William Cuppy once said that etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential. I totally agree with him. All hail Sir Cuppy! Hehe. As we grow from kids to ladies and gents, we must sacrifice a little and learn how to respect one another. And what more can we show politeness but by showing good manners, right? That's what our teachers would say, and I would definitely consent with them. Before we get a load of today's happenings, let me take you back to Friday and the days after.

Of course, we had no class on Friday because of the festivity in Jaro. I joined the fun by going to Krishelle's house and ate lunch there. Most of my friends were present in the said place: Mabel, Krish, Chri, Pat, Kaye, Tweety, Nitz, and Gellie. We had some chikka and then proceeded to the Jaro Plaza to enjoy the afternoon. But we didn't, actually. I saw some of my SPED classmates there. We planned to go to SM City and find the fun we were supposed to have. We walked around the mall for more than two hours. We looked around for our prom heels and the like for prom. Haha.

After which, I left my friends because Kar and I went to church for Yo Jam. Just the usual Youth Service, only that, the message was all about High School Musical, which made it super cool! Tito Bong started jokes on Karina because they knew that Kiko was her prom date. It was so so funny. Hehe.

Saturday was an okay day. I went to school in the morning so we could practice our Midsummer Night's Dream Play. As a fearless forecast, I predicted that we'll all end up lazing around SM City. As suspected, we didn't even reach half of the class in number! We just made our props and then went home. The others went to SM City. Haha! See, I could predict as good as anyone else. Haha. Afterwhich, we went to church as so it goes. We met with our new spiritual family with Mommy RJ. We talked about "Hiding from the Truth". It really touched me so bad. Then, I told Ate RJ about my problem. Hehe. Sunday was just church in the morning and home in the afternoon. I did what have to do for school. Whatever, it was nothing much. Haha.

So, today, we only had a half-day class because we juniors were taught about etiquette! Haha. From being a gentleman by fetching their dates to which fork we're going to use for fish, we learned them all. Haha. It was fun. I'm getting more excited for prom. My prom date's excited than I am! Wee! I'm so happy. It's like, we're all back to normal. Haha. And as often as I can see it, we go home together. Wee! Another happy thought for me. We always walk from the SSC campus until outside the gate. Oh, those moments! Haha.

Enough of my being kilig, I have this major announcement. Thankfully, the Skills Olympiad teams were reshuffled! I really wished for a new team! But unfortunately, look who I was stuck with! For the third years, I was with Brennan and John Leo! Ugh! They are so freshmen-years-ago! I don't even talk to them! But I am grouped with Keith, Geryl, Nathaniel, Mey, and Jackie. I think I'm going to stick with them for the whole three days of activities. I'm fine with my group now, I don't want to change that mood anymore. I know I'll be with either Chenes, Chuva, or Chuchu this year. And yes, I am with one of them now. I wish I can join Ms. SSC though. But it seems so impossible! Go VIOLET!

So, here's to third year memoirs, and for the rest of our freaking lives! Haha! Happy birthday to Bea Patricia Javelosa, Ana Carmela Saul, and Myrianne Jade Bagaforo tomorrow! I love you three! Mwuahugs everyone!

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