Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Saturday, May 5, 2007

You are reading the escapades of our VHs
VHs have been playing for: 097 days

For 100 days, virtual housemates (VHs) network to play and to form a household online. BigBad Kuya (BBK) monitors VHs' activities. VHs and BBK communicate mainly through the Internet. The nomination process evicts people from the game. Last person standing wins.
Playing - Evicted - Forcibly Evicted - Quit - Removed

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Results of the Final Vote

AL : 4 EP for ron. i'm giving him that point coz sa tatlong co-VH ko, cya ang least deserving na manalo. i have nothing against him coz he's my friend. it's hard for me to do this but i got no choice. hindi bagay sa kanya ang maging big winner. ok lang din nmn sa kanya kahit na hindi manalo.

2 EP for steph. noong una siya ang bet ko na manalo. she's likely to be a big winner. kaya lang sa last minute ay biglang gusto n lang niyang mag-quit and i don't know why. i must be sumthing that other people thinks or says about her. sana lang ay pinatunayan na lang niya na mali sila sa halip na mag-quit.

2 SP Anne. since sya ang 2nd choice ko na manalo, i'm giving her the sp instead of steph. alam kong deserving din cyang manalo. she played hard. she doesn't care about what other thinks about her. wat i like about her is that she didn't let other put her down.

ANNE: 4 EP: I'm consistent w/ this, it is for Ron, I frequently tell this reason, it is not because I don't want him to win but it is because I feel that it is just fair. He was a good player, and everyone knows that, especially his bulk of fans outside but I think there are better player than him. And besides, this is the last nomination so it wouldn't hurt if I will be consistent w/ my votes. So, to end this game, this is my last verdict and this is based on what I think.

2 EP: It is for Al, he is also a good player but I'm doing this just what I've said, to be fair. He became close to me so it was really hard to make this descision and I guess, this is also what he expect. I could also say that he did his best to reach this part of the game but I guess it is more appropriate that he won't be the big winner because again somebody is better to take that spot. in my opinion this is what he deserves.

2 SP: Obviously it is for Steph, if I will to choose who will be the winner I will choose her! I think she deserves the spot than anyone else does. She did well in all the activities plus she is also one of the most active VH. This is also my way of thanking her for the support she gave me.

RON: Its been a really been great playing with everybody. Even though it is not the real game, it was still fun to play it. Thank you to everyone and hope you all had a good time.

My final votes are:

4 EP to Anne - I really like this girl but I had to choose somebody. I wished I have gotten to know her better way at the beginning of the game rather than now when the game is almost at its end. At first she was a bit masungit at me... kaya yun. I think she's a good player and very nice co-vh not to mention maganda at maraming humahabol. I just don't have a choice on who to give this to. I hope for the best to her and good luck! Kitakits?

2 EP to Al - This guy is the best. Out of everybody he was the closest vh I have known. This guy gives great advices and fun to talk to. He's one of the people in the house that made it interesting. I know people had been mad at him because he gave me SP but that was his choice. I really don't want to give him EP but I have to. Thanks for the great time here at the house and best of luck to you!

2 SP to Stephanie - This girl is tough, even though she breaks down a bit. She still manages to get back up, fight and move on. I know its weird that I am giving SP to the person that I had an argument with but I think she deserves to win out of everyone here. She's a good player and I am glad I brought something out of her that I thought would never come out. I felt like she doesn't know how to express her feelings well and I believe this game made her stronger. Kahit na fantasy game lang ito, I know it helped us out in one way or another.

Anyway that is it. I hope you all had fun and good luck to everybody. I think I'm going to watch out for the next batch of vh. I'm out! Have a good day!

STEPHANIE did not participate


Thursday, May 3, 2007

"Imagine me... againt the odds" -Ron

Well its the Big four! I made it...? I'll admit, its amazing that I lasted this long. I didn't expect to last until the final four. I was sure that when we started to have that small argument... I know I was done. Imagine me... againt the odds. This is the result of it and I'm okay with it. I know people still thinks I don't deserve it but that's okay, people are entitled to their own opinion. No hard feelings. Sa akin no hard feelings... I just don't know for the others. I think peace naman kame lahat. I'm glad I met these people in the house and I think I'll continue on talking to them in the future. I had fun talking to them and joking around with stuff. Na entertain din ako while I was here and nakameet ng bagong kaibigan. Its been great and I had a good time. Ingat and good luck to all.

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"I wouldn't trade that experience for anything..."

Tomorrow is my last exam day and I am nervous. I am trying to study but I have a lot on my mimd. I have to look for a summer job and other things. I should probably focus on my studying now because its my last one and I don't want to fail it! I really hope I do good in it. Oh and before I forgot... my clinicals was done like a week and a half ago. It was fun and it was a great experience. I know I complained about it so much but I wouldn't trade that experience for anything... well maybe for a car, a house and a million dollar... make that two. My summer so far is boring and stressfull because I still have an exam to worry about and also my results. I am praying to god that I will pass all of it and be able to attend next year. I don't want to ruin my summer by failing... that would suck so much. Anyway I better be going and study. Later!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"I said it before... i am weak deep inside"


I decided to quit. But then BBk says that i cannot quit. Well, ok then. I'll play again. Even if it means that there will be more critics and issues about me. Eventhough i am just doing my part and the tasks, i've been always criticized. Well honestly, the time i decided to quit was the time i was depressed of something. i was weak. well i am weak . And i said it before with that very 1st activity that we had in this game. I may seem strong but i am weak deep inside, i cry at some things that i can't understand why. Overacting? no. It's just the true feeling. But i'm not regretting my decision of quitting, it was really my decision from the very first time i became one of the big 4. Some ex-vhs of mine even reacted on why i decided on something like that. I explained some views and points. Well, i am now thinking about whether to vote or not. Well i am so sure that my votes are predictable. (if i am going to vote, still thinking about it now). But if i am i'm just doing my part and i have no choice but to choose, and of course i'll choose the people who are close to me and i've mingled a lot with. I guess i have to face some consequences again after this. Well i just realize whether on this virtual game or on reality people really have different impression on some things and on other people. So i guess i just have to deal with life and life on the net. Call me anything and impose things to me but i know myself and friends know who i really am. I am just what i am. I don't care about winning. i'm just hurt. period.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Final Nomination starts

Nomination Process:
1. Big Four automatically earned 4 SP each for making it to the finals. They are given 8 points: 4 EP, 2 EP and 2 SP, which they must assign to his/her co-Big Four.
3. A minimum of 4-sentence-justification for the EP and SP votes is required.
4. Two VHs with the highest net point become evictees, VH with the second lowest and lowest net point becomes the runner up and the Big Winner, respectively.
5. VHs have 96 hours to private message via PBBFG Board their votes.
6. Whoever refuses to nominate, fails to nominate on time or violates a nomination rule is penalized (4 EP). In addition, his/her ballot is invalidated.

Big Four should submit their final words after the announcement of the results of the Final Nomination.


Monday, April 30, 2007

"Zen.. a really good housemate and a competitor" -Ron

About Zen's eviction... I also didn't expect him to go. I thought it was going to be tie between Zen and I. Then some one will break the tie (ie. the person who was last evicted). I also didn't expect that Stephanie's vote will not count since she was already in the final four. But when looking at it... her past vote also didn't count. Well as for Zen, that guys is a good guy, a really good housemate and a competitor. Sayang nga lang at di sya nakasali sa big four. I think malake ren and chance nyang manalo kung nakasale sya. I hope for the best here in the house. Good luck to all of us.

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"I'm scared shit" -Ron

Man I finished most of my exams and here comes summer. I hope that my summer is a good summer for once. Makahanap ako sana ng work and syempre makapag lakwatsa ren ng maayos. I'm for the best. I still have one exam this thursday and I'm scared shit by it. If I don't pass it I will have to take it in the summer and be behind. I really hope I can pass it. I pray to god that I will. Please...

Well and yea guess what, next week I will be seeing Rex Navarette live. I am so excited and I hope nothing ruins it. I am nervous too because of a little something. Well I really hope everything goes well for me and I hope I can pull another one. I better be studying now and focus of my exam that is coming up. I will talk to you all later! peace!

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"I miss the old days" -Al

Gone are the days wherein you'll stay in your house during summer vacation and do stupid stuff as you please. gone are the days where during a hot, sunny day, you play outside, you'll sleep all day... coz now, sa may work na. nakakalungkot. dami ko na kasi ma-mi-miss this time around. hindi na makakasama sa gimmik, sa outing ng family coz you'll worry about work pending work. mag-e-enjoy ka nga pero adter that, back to your worries. hay... kaka-miss tumambay sa mall kasama ang mga barkada. ngaun kc, dadaan k nga sa mall dahil iyon ang way papunta sa mrt station at hindi para tumambay. i miss the old days, yes, pero ang bilis lumipas ng panahon. kailangan ko na maging responsible for my future and my future family.

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"I'm not sorry about my decision" -Al

Still waiting for the result of who will be hailed as this seasons big winner. I'm not really expecting to win. coz i know i don't have the chance. i really enjoyed being part of this game. kahit pa sinasabi daw ng iba na boring ang season na ito, i don't care. what is important to me is i found a friend how'll listen to me, to my problems, to my secrets. a friend who can cheer me up.

I know, partly sinisisi aq ng mga co-VH ko na binigyan ko ng malaking SP c ron kc naniniwala cla na matagal n cya dapat natanggal. well, i'm not sorry about my decision. ginawa ko iyon kaya dapat kong panindigan. oo, close ko ung iba sa kanila pero hindi kcng close ni ron. at kung sino man ang gusto kong mag-stay, iyon n ung mga kasundo ko talaga.

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Anne's final answer


For Anne: WHO ARE YOU?
**I really dont know on what perspective il answer this question. It's very general but i guess im a simple girl who is always misunderstood as maarte, plastic and good for nothing except pacute girl! But those are all misconceptions of me, yes, i could be very snobbish at times but that is beacuse your being rude w/ me but for those who are kind i also reciprocate kindness. I'm not a war-freak as most people expect me to be and i wont bend my principles for that!

From AL

For all... kung bibigyan ng pagkakataon, sino sa mga na-evict ang dapat bumalik at cno ang dapat matanggal?
**honestly, i think ferg is much more deserving than any of us to stay here because he exerted greater effort than all of us and w/ regards to effort i think it is ron who has the least effort but i truly understand his reasons so no grudge about it, he is just lucky!

For anne... ang ang totoong saloobin mo kapag tinutukso ka namin dati kay fergie?
**wala lang, im just going with the flow at alm ko namang ganun rin si ferg, im used to those kind of jokes

From RON

For all - How did you make the house more interesting despite other people saying that the house is boring?
**this might be a great bore for others but this is what interesting means, to be able to catch somebody'd trust not by being rude but by showing kindness to receive the same...hai nku, interesting naman kasi laging crinicriticize, then if it's not interesting for them then they won't even put a single effort on talking about us! ryt?

For Anne - Who do you think doesn't deserve to be in the big four and why?
**to be honest, i was surprised that you reached the big four! but as iv said, i have no grudge because that's your luck and maybe god has reasons in pyutting you here..i think you dont deserve to be in the big four not because you didn't do your best but because there are some people who put more effort in this game!


For all - NONE

For Anne - Ano sa tingin mo yun pinaka hindi mo makakalimutan sa experience na to na mapasali sa PBBFG?
**I am badly and wrongly criticized w/o basis! But of course, in every bad thing there is a good one on it and that is beacuse I met you guys! I met people who are now my friends. True people, no pretentions! Hindi plastic!

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"Ok call me plastic" -Anne

I hate it! im really surprised by the results! pagkaopen ko ng board ngulat na lang ako both fergie and zen are gone! and i dont think they deserve to go! all of the nomination results are just mere misunderstanding! aaarrggghhh!!! starting from nizzie's eviction to the following evictions! it is unexpected! i really need to say this...i not gullible! gggrrrr!!! i dont want to say anything which could hurt other people's feelings coz im not that rude...ok call me plastic but im really this type of person! i dont hide not an hypocrite! i just consider other's feelings coz i also dont want that to be done on me...i dont mean to address this to anyone, i just want to express what im feeling right now...and again! im not a war freak!

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"I don't deserve this" -Anne

Ggrrrr!!! this month is the most hectic month! i need to finish all my requirements...this is going to be a busy month again! really getting fat, i dont even have the luxury of time going to the gym! aaarrrggghhh!!! i wish i have enough life cycle is very unusual...i dont know what to do first...this is a miracle na ngkakaron pa ko ng time na gumawa ng diary here...summer is almost over but i didn't even had a single vacation! kaasar! i don't deserve this...all my friends are enjoying the summer while here i am focused on some other boring stuff! oh well, this is the price i must pay for being so laid-back at my studies...i need to rush things out so that i could graduate in time!

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Ron's final answers

No, I haven't lied to my co-vhs.

I think I don't have a chance to be a big winner because I know that I don't have a chance on winning against Anne or Steph because the evicted vhs will decide on who will be the winner.

From AL

For all... kung bibigyan ng pagkakataon, sino sa mga na-evict ang dapat bumalik at cno ang dapat matanggal?
I think ang pwede makabalik ay si Zen, he's a good player and a good person. He wants to be part of their group kahit medyo nasa outside sya ng kaunti at di makaride ng konti sa conversation noon. I think na lahat naman sila ay deserving mapunta sa big 4.

For ron... how do you feel kapag sinasabi nila na dapat matagal ka na natanggal? na hindi ka deserving sa big four?

Ofcourse I'm disappointed that people think that about me but I can't change their views. Kung ano man ang iniisip nila... edi isipin nila. I won't get too affected by what they think about me and basta I know who I am and thats all that matter.


For all: What do you think is the reason why you are in the big four?
I think the reason why I am in the big four is that I tried to play the game and not play it safe.

For Ron: Do you think you really deserve to be in the big 4?
I think I do deserve to be in the final 4. If anybody got this question I bet they would say yes. But anyway I think I deserve to be here is because like I said I tried to play the game and make it a bit interesting. I didn't know that this is going to be the outcome but what can I do now... past is past.

From RON

For all - How did you make the house more interesting despite other people saying that the house is boring?
I tried to be active and joke around with people even though I am not as active as I want to be. I then eventually got into an argument which I didn't expect to happen. I also was bombarded with question and people was mad at me. I think people got interested to find out what went on in the house.


For all - NONE

For Ron - Sa tingin mo ba ay deserving ka mapabilang sa big four at bakit?
Like what I answered to the earlier question I think I do deserve to be here. Everybody deserves to be here or be a part of the big 4 and lahat naman tayo equal na pumasok sa game na ito. I tried to play a different game than anyone else by not being a safe player.

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