Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 5

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Activity - Final Exam

VHs had to choose 1 subject and give what is asked.

Describe the history of the papacy from its origins to the present day,concentrating especially, but not exclusively, on its social, political, economic, religious, and philosophical impact on Europe, Asia, America,and Africa . Be brief and concise, yet specific.

Define the universe; give three examples.

Using a razor blade, a piece of gauze, and a bottle of Scotch, remove your appendix. You may post video on

Do not suture until your work has been inspected. You have 24 hours.

Write a fifth-generation computer language. Using this language, create a computer program to finish the rest of this exam for you.

Twenty-five hundred riot-crazed aborigines are storming the classroom. Calm them. You may use any ancient language except Latin, Hebrew, or Greek.

This is a practical test of your design and building skills. With the boxes of toothpicks and glue present, build a platform that will support your weight when you and your platform are suspended over a vat of nitric acid. You may post video on

Create life. Estimate the differences in subsequent human culture if this form of life had developed 500,000 years earlier, with special attention to the probable effect, if any, on the Philippine social spectrum circa 1640. Prove your thesis.

Perform a miracle. Creativity will be judged. You may post video on

Write a full piano concerto. Orchestrate and perform it with a flute and drum. You may post video on

Take a position for or against truth. Prove the validity of your position.

Based on your knowledge of their early works, evaluate the emotional stability, degree of adjustment, and repressed frustrations of each of the following: Alexander of Aphrodisias, Ramses II, Gregory of Nicea, and Hammurabi. Support your evaluations with quotations from each man's work, making appropriate references. Translate all quotations in Tagalog.

Identify the sociological problems which might be associated with the end of the world. Construct an experiment to test your theory.

Describe in four hundred words or less what you would have done to prevent the Great Depression.

You have 60 seconds to mentally solve the mathematical problem below.
8,256.091 + _________ - ________ x ________ / ________ = -38.07623

You may post video on

(Bonus question: Why is 11 not pronounced onety one? Provide a full numerical analysis in justifying your answer.)

Using a cellphone, start World War III. Report at length on its socio-political effects, if any.

Given one eight-count box of crayons and three sheets of notebook paper, recreate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Skin tones should be true to life. Post photo.

Explain the nature of matter. Include in your answer an in-depth evaluation of the impact of the development of mathematics on science.

Describe in detail the nature of life after death. Test your hypothesis. You may post video on

Sketch the development of human thought. Estimate its significance. Compare with the development of any other kind of thought.

Describe in detail. Be objective and specific.


AL: The Universe is the totality of matter and energy in existence. The study of the origin of the universe, or cosmos, is known as cosmogony, and that of its structure and evolution, cosmology. The age of the universe depends on which theory of cosmology one accepts. According to the big bang theory, the universe is between 10 and 20 billion years old. The steady-state theory holds that the universe has been in existence for all time.

The universe includes all matter and energy including the earth, the galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole.

Up to this day, the shape of the universe is still unknown. Most cosmologists believe that the observable universe is very nearly spatially flat, just as the surface of a lake is nearly flat. This opinion was strengthened by the latest data from WMAP, looking at "acoustic oscillations" in the cosmic microwave background radiation temperature variations.

If the universe is compact and without boundary, traveling infinitely in any given direction could cause one to arrive back where one began. If this is the case, the light from stars and galaxies may pass through the observable universe more than once. If the universe is multiply-connected and sufficiently small (and of an appropriate, perhaps complex, shape) then it is conceivable that one may be able to see once or several times around it in various, perhaps all directions. Although this possibility has not been ruled out, the results of the latest cosmic microwave background research make this appear very unlikely.

NIZRHANE: The Universe is a big celestial body filled with celestial matter. This celestial matter includes gases, ice, and interstellar dust. It also is being defined as "a containment of matter and energy in existence".

For example, the galaxies are known to be the birthplaces of stars, for it contains millions of new stars enveloped in gas and dust. These materials accumulate to form new stars, and the gases cause the stars to shine brightly (well, a star's magnitude depends on the temperature).

Another thing: Since energy is contained here, it is found mainly around the universe. Specifically helps the planets on their rotation, the stars shine brightly and produce gas, the quasars emit radio waves, or the Sun radiate solar energy.

Also, the universe also serves as an evidence as to why we exist here. The particles that float around space is one of the few key things that will add to the jigsaw puzzle. Planets are also said to have traces of planetary life that may have existed a few million years ago. Our universe also serves as a mirror for where we live---Earth. Everything that floats, stays, roams in space, we also have it here---only living.


ftoctab.C - a program that prints a conversion table for converting from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius. This program has examples of functions, for loops, and the use of floating point numbers.

bigbad this program will only run using turbo c..

const float fMin = -40.0; // min F temperature
const float fStep = 5.0; // F temperature step
const float fMax = 100.0; // max F temperature

* fToC(fdeg) returns the Celsius equivalent of fdeg
* degrees Fahrenheit.

float fToC(float fdeg) {
return (fdeg - 32.0)/1.8;
} // int fToC(int)

int main(void) {
float f;

printf("Degrees F Degrees C\n");
printf("--------- ---------\n");
for (f = fMin; f <= fMax; f += fStep) { printf("%7.1f%12.1f\n", f, fToC(f)); } printf("\n"); return 0; } // int main(void)


8,256.091 + -8,274.16723 - 20 x 1 / 1 = -38.07623

MIKHAIL, RON and STEPHANIE chose not to participate

STEPHANIE: I'll be honest i just have no time to think and answer a question. sorry bbk. i'm gonna have a EP. sorry

Nobody will get 3 SP. Al and Nizrhane did not give 3 examples. Fergie did not write a fifth-generation computer language. Anne did not mentally solve the problem. However, VHs who participated will get 1 EP each for the effort.

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"Ganito pala feeling ng finearts student"

Yey tapos na finals and start na ng vecation namin ngayun. Kwento kulang mga pinagdaan ko noong final week namin at kong bakit ako nawala sa bahay for more than 1 day.

THis week dami kong ginawang mga plates para makahabol sa deadlyn nila. So stressful lalo na sa mga major subjects namin na out of 6 of them 5 ang nagpagawa ng plate...dilang isang plate minimum na 2 kada subject.
But the moset stressful plate namin would be the MAGAZINE.

Start ako make ng MAGAZINE was on wedsday night co tuesday and monday gawa ako plates for the other subjects. I strated making the magazine at 10 PM, Naabutan ako ng 12:00 NOON ng kagagawa ng ng effort was alang kwenta kaci kahit na di ako natulog dikopa iwon natapos. mga 1:00 pumunta na ako skol kaci finals pa namin for sa isa namin na major subject "illustration". Then 8:00 pm umuwi ako sa bahay and continue making the magazine. Again it took me another night sa pagawa ng magazine. THins time natapos kuna ang magazine at exactly 8:45 am..thats right, 8:45 am..wala naman akong tulog that means two nights akong di natulog as in literraly walang tulog. I feel na nangangayayat ako noon. Looking at the mirror grabeh eyebugs ko noon. Halos lahat ng klasmyts ko same rin ang experience...waaa...ganito pala feeling ng finearts student..2nd year plang kami at ganito na hiram namin...paano kaya pag 3rd year na...waaa...ayaw kona isipin....waaaaaaa

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"Have to think of way na maging malapit ulit sa kanila" -Zenrick

Im back! More than a day na wala ako sa bahay. Im getting very nervous about my stand sa bahay. I dont know what my housemyts are thinking about me right now. Have to admit, Im feeling left out about their topics. This maybe the feeling when your out of the house longer than you possibly think. Or i guess im being to paranoid. Paranoid saan? Sa skol? Sa house? or Im getting crazy lang.
Ive miss talking to them, Miss ko kulitan with them.

Have to think of way na maging malapit ulit sa kanila or else..bye bye na zen..hehehe
Im ever mawala man ako dito sa bahay.. ok lang cguro atleast ive made some good friends here..made it this far na diko naisip na mangyari..!! Goodluck to me..!!

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"That time na medyo prang gusto ko ng maluha" -Stephanie

What a week! last wednesday pinning ng sister ko. syempre proud talga ako. may point pa nga that time na medyo prang gusto ko ng maluha nun sinabihan silang harapin ang mga parents habang kinakanta ang kantang "Thank you". nakaka-touch lng din kasi ang song superrrr gusto ko nga umiyak nun, mababa pa tlga ang luha ko. na touch lng din tlga ako kasi tumulong din ako sa parents ko sa pagsuporta sa pag-aaral ng sister ko. happy din ako kasi muli kaming nagkita ng pinaka friend ko nun college na si melissa... bunso ang tawag nya sa akin..super na miss ko sya at yung buong barkada nun college. sana nga magka samasama kaming lahat ulit. bukas na ang graduation ng sister ko. sana lng pag-take nya ng board exam eh pumasa sya at wala ng anumalya sa prc. malas tlga ng batch ng last year. nakaka-awa ang mga inosente. anyway dito nlng muna.

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Nizrhane blogs: Peer Support

My bestfriend is supporting me by giving me advice over at Y!M.

Dee Panda: so if ever man nagskandalo sila dun
Dee Panda: tignan mo na lang
Dee Panda: at wag kang mag mukang kawawa
Dee Panda: NIZZIE HA
Dee Panda: t-------------- yan
Dee Panda: dapat kase pag nagkikita kayo
Dee Panda: kasama ako eh
Dee Panda: ngumiti ka na lang
Dee Panda: at wag kang magpaapekto
Dee Panda: magmuka kang sosyal
Dee Panda: sila iniisip nila showbiz buhay
Dee Panda: hinde
Dee Panda: dapat ikaw hinde
Dee Panda: cheap sila kase super wala silang alam sa buhay
Dee Panda: unlike us AB students

Drew says it right. Di naman talaga showbiz ang buhay. To add that up:

Francoise Esquivel: Life is not all glamour and fame, like the pages of Meg and Candy.

There are just some people who are blinded by the klieg lights and shimmering gowns and glam makeup. It is not right for us to think that society tells us what to do, what to eat, and what to dress up through these good-for-nothing actors and actresses and the media. They're like lab rats who are being experimented.

As for the younger people who think that beautiful is all shimmering gloss, Candy Mag, and boys, I don't what to do with you kids. You seem to be addled with what society dictates you to do.

It all ends with consternation.

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"There was nothing to complain about"

Hmm. I remember having to trouble m'self with who to evict. It even affected my thinking, sorta.

I was not in good terms with myself when the 3rd Nominations came. Sorta critical, and my conscience kept on rapping at me.

So after too much mental and personal infliction, I decided to drop the card once and for all.

Then I found out that my vote got invalid. At first I thought that I had to conk m'self in the head. I WASN'T READING THE INSTRUCTIONS! *sigh*

There was nothing to complain about, actually.

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Nizrhane blogs: Pollux!

This is Pollux, a black cat. Most people think that a black cat is ominous, but for some of us, a black cat means a new beginning.

I saved this cat almost a month ago, and Droo and I scoured around Bangkal to search for a potential owner. Neither of us could keep the precious thing, for our bosses (my guardian and Droo's grandparents) don't like having cats around.

So we went to Christopher's house in Palanan to hand the cat over to him, cos Tophe (yes folks, with an "h") wanted to have a cat to play with. (This photo of Pollux was taken by Tophe and he submitted it to me on Friendster.)

(Anyways, Tophe said that Pol's fave food is milk with breadbits. Hahahahahah! Instant Cereal!)

Droo and I are so happy to have Pol with Tophe (and with us, o'course!). We gave the little fella a new home. =)

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"My job is going to be ending soon" -Ron

Gaah! Finally its another friday... I can get enough sleep again and also some rest. I don't get enough sleep anymore and I dont know where the time is going. I mean I am lazy as **** (well I cant say the word or else I'll get a violation). But anyway, I am happy that another week of clinicals is over. Then there is like five more weeks to go and suffer. All i can do I guess is tough it up and pass the course. I am seriously having so much trouble with it... basta... I don't really feel like talking much about it. On the lighter side, there's not much new stuff happening with me. My job is going to be ending soon because hockey season is going to be over by the end of this month. That means I have to look for a summer job. Im happy not working for a couple of months because I really have to focus on school even though I am lazy and I specially have to focus on clinicals. Anyway thats it for now...

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Friday, March 23, 2007

"There is also a plan for me to leave for London this vacation!" -Nizrhane

Patapos na ang Finals. One more effin test and Second Semester's over.

I am feeling a bit sad about the fact that the sem's about to close. Naging masaya ang Second Semester, for it was filled with challenges and laughter..and tears. Haaay.

Well, I am planning to extend my "psuedo-semester" this summer. Just this morning Keeko, Crystal and I craned our necks over curious, hopeful heads just scan through the Summer Offerings list. Dad had told me once, as I remember, to do advanced stuff. So I had thought of going for Enlish (SPECOM), or maybe World Literature. 9 units max, and I'm off.

I'd really want to continue through summer because there aren't anything much to do this vacation, aside from doing the yearbook (sheeeesh, I feel a bit afraid...) and summer jobs (Drew and the gang had decided to scout for jobs...). There is also a plan for me to leave for London this vacation! (Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)

In a few days, April na.

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"Yoko na magkron ule ng bagsak" -Fergie

Hay! sa wakas tapos na ang finals! weh.. tapos sembreak na namin dis coming week! after nyun kuhaan ng grade tapso enrollment para sa summer! haha.. bale wala din akong pahinga sa pag aaral mas ok nga un eh kc ayoko nung nsa bahay lang at magpapataba ng tiyan! hehe,,

Masydong nging malungkot ang pagtatapos ng skulyear para sa ken ah... d bale for sure kalabligtaran naman toh sa pasukan eh.. hihi.. hayz.. dis sem tlaga mas pagiigihan ko ang pagaaral! haha.. pramis! yoko na magkron ule ng bagsak minor man yan oh major sbject.. huhu.. i lernd from my mistakes.. nakanang.. hehe..

Kanina afte rng exam nagpaksunduan naming mag happy happy sa computer shop.. aun.. ang saya kc rami naming nag counter strike.. haha.. talo mga babae! bleh! haha

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

"For the second time ay ako ang Househead" -Al

Hindi na naman naging valid ang vote ko, nagkaroon pa ako ng violation. well, fault ko nmn kasi dahil hindi ko masyadong inintindi ang instruction. nasanay kc ako na minimum of 10 characters ang codename. and nagtataka rin ako sa naging result nung nomination. Dalawa kasi ang dapat bigyan ng EP so i expected na dalawa rin ang matatanggal but it turned out na hindi pala, na isa lang ang matatanggal. At si xyrus nga iyon.

Natutuwa rin ako na for the second time ay ako ang Househead. Sana lang maging mas exciting ang lahat dahil paunti na ng paunti ang VH. mas nagiging alive na board ngayon kumpara sa previous months. i should say group effort talaga ang kailangan para maging okay ang lahat.

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"Hindi sa minamaliit ko siya pero he should take one step at a time" -Al

From Dep Ed Sec. Lapus recalled "Manny took 6 hours to finish the 250 multiple choice questions. Afterwards, it took him three days to recover. He said he prefers 15 hours of boxing to this."

"What now, Manny? What would you take up in college?"asked Sec. Lapus. "I like to take up Political Science in Ateneo," replied Manny.

As for it, really, Manny seems to be an intellectual person, it's just that because of his then status in life that prevented him to attend school. Ang kailangan lang niya ay proper education, training ang guidance. Kaya hindi talaga magiging madali para kay Pacman ang lahat.

But attending a Political Science course in Ateneo, is this a big joke? Hindi sa minamaliit ko siya pero he should take one step at a time. Mas mabuti pa kung Business Management course na lang ang kunin niya para mas mahawakan nya ng mabuti ang pera niya. Walang mabuting maidudulot sa kanya at sa Pilipinas, for God's sake, ang pagpasok niya sa pulitika. For the nth time, kung gusto niyang tumulong sa mga tao, 'wag siyang pumasok sa politics 'coz politics is not the only way to extend your help to the people. Marami pang ibang paraan.

At sa halip na ipinangsusugal niya ang mga milyones niya, magtayo siya ng malaking business, for sure, siguradong may mapupuntahang mabuti ang pera niya sa halip na nauubos sa wala lang. Maging aral sa kanya ang mga boksingerong namamalimos na lang ngayon dahil sa pagiging bulagsak nila sa pera noong kapanahunan nila.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fergie blogs: Sa panahon na kala mo eh nagiisa ka lng sa buhay

Sa panahon na kala mo eh nagiisa ka lng sa buhay ay hindi pla totoo ung ganun kc kahit papano eh nandyan ung mga mtatawag mong kaibigan tlaga.. hehe.. saya kew kc khit nlaman nila ung ngyari eh walang nagbago sa mga pagkakaibigan namin.. Kanina after ng unang exam ko sa college algebra.. nagpunta ako ng SV canteen.. gulat ako konti lng tao mga dose lng cguro kmi dun.. naalala ko exam lng pala ngaun kaya konti lng tao.. dun muna ako habang hinihinty ko ung time ko sa Data structure.. sa subject na un eh wala akong classmate na ka block ko dati kc na dissolve ung original dsa section na na enrollan ko kaya singit lng akew dun kaya magisa lng ako tuloy.. hehe.. aun dun ako.. nag review sandli tapos nyun sounds sounds sa ipod kew.. maraming bumabagabag sa isip ko, sabi ko sana wala akong bagsak this sem kundi yari na naman ako kay papa.. hehe.. hindi ko namalayan eh tulala pla ako habang nakikinig ng music sa ipod ko.. gulat ko na lng eh biglang may tumapik sa balikat ko.. aun ung ex ko nung hyskul.. nangamusta lang siya, nagtanung pa kung bkit nagiisa lng ako eh siya rin naman nagiisa lng din.. hehe.. pero kelangan niya na agad umalis kc may exam pa siya.. after mga 5mins cguro eh bigla naman dumating ung classmate ko sa isa kong subject na babae.. hindi naman kmi ganun ka close pagdating sa subjct na pareho kmi pero ang gulat ko eh lumapit siya para magtanung kung nkapag pasa na daw ba ako ng project sa ITC.. xempre hindi pa kc ngaun ko pa lng gagawin un eh.. hehe.. aun wala pa naman siyang subject kaya naki upo muna siya sa table ko.. biglang tanung niya.. kung gf ko daw ba ung lgi kong ksama na babae.. sabi ko sa sarili ko.. hanggang ngaun ba naman.. argh.. sinabi ko na lng hindi, close lng kmi.. hehe.. mas mabuti na ung ganun ang sagot ko.. sabay bawi ng tanong ko sa knya kung may bf na siya.. sabi niya naman wala.. gulat ko sa ganda niyang un wala siyang bf pero sabi niya may mga nanliligaw naman daw sa kanya.. hindi ko napigilan sarili ko at medyo nakwento ko sa knya ung totoong ngyari sa min.. nung una hindi siya makapaniwala.. nsabihan niya pa ngang malandi si joy.. bkit daw siya pumtaol sa ken eh may bf na pala siya.. uhm.. sabi ko na lng wala na un.. sabi ko pa nga aus na kami naguusap na kmi ule.. khit hindi naman totoo.. para lng matigil siya galit kay joy.. akalain mo dahil dun eh nging close kami.. after nyun sabay kming pmunta sa CS bldg kc pareho kming ng bldg ng pageexaman.. xempre nag thank you na din ako sa knya kc khit papano napasaya niya ko sa mga kwento niyang nging close kami..sabi ko pa nga sa knya wag niya na ikwento sa iba lovelife ko bka sumikat lng.. haha.. aun.. magkikita naman kmi ule sa fri kc exam namin sa subject na pareho kami..

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Stephanie blogs: Is'nt it a cliché?

This may seem like a one fine rainy day. It seemed like the rain outside is so calm that it just made me think of writting something coz it feels so calm and peaceful for the ambience here in my place is all right. I'm doing my thing and others too. There's no music playing at the moment and it's the raindrops that keeps everything light. Well, that's what i feel. I don't usually drink coffee and yet it's unusual that i prepared one and am currently enjoying it now. *sip*. It's now getting a bit cold. Now i feel like my mind is now out of this place. Everything feels so calm, but deep inside it's like this battle fighting for something i don't know and i can't really identify. I am bothered of something. I can't really figure out. I am thinking about something that makes me unhappy that i feel like i am really not happy of. It's now like i have this mask of uncertainty. It is like this sad identity hiding inside a mask of a happy face. Would there be a chance that i will finally be free of something i know i am temporarily happy of? But i know i won't in the future? Is'nt it a cliché?

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"Almost everyone gave me saving points!"

Oh well. The stuff at the boards is sorta getting weird. Getting twisted, as I see it. Hahahaha. Yesterday morning, I chanced upon a new thread which says "Final Exam". Hey, I thought. I just had our Finals at the University! There goes another one. So I scan through it and scratched my head. They were difficult, like BBK and the gang could expect me to have my appendix removed, or perform a miracle. (What's worse is that some of the stuff requires a video post on YouTube!)

I have chosen what to do, anyway.

Anyhoo, here comes the good part: Almost everyone gave me saving points!

Yes, my vote got invalid--I wasn't reading the rules. Thanks everyone! =3 hahahahaha!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Tama lang yung ginawa ng girl" -Anne

I dont think i should react on this but i guess im supposed to...this is a task...fergie's blog, yung wasted me eh sobrang nakakalungkot kasi khit cno nmng tao na mapunta sa situation na ganun eh sobrang mhihirapan emotionally!...i think tama lang yung ginawa ng girl kasi hnd naman tlga tama in the first place yung nging relationship nila kahit na sabihin nating may feelings talga! that is very selfish kung itutuloy nila!...and besides kung talagang love nung girl si ferg eh gagawa siya ng way para maging maayos ang lahat between them...i guess im not in the place to just saying this based on what i this is just what i can say...till here...ciao!

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Kahapon nung nalaman ko sa kanya pagkadating ko ng bahay natulog ako.. nagbabaksali na bka panaginip lng ang lahat.. pero totoo pala.. buti na lng totoo kasi napagisip ko na kelangan pa ba ako samplim na kung sino diyan para magising ako sa katotohanan na hindi tlaga ako posibleng mahalin ng tuluyan ng taoang mahal ko. tama na! ayoko na din isipin uli yon..

Kanina sa skul, tulad ng inaasahan ko.. pagkadating ko na rum kasi exam lng naman.. wala pa siya.. nagtataka mga classmate ko bkit hindi sabay pumunta sa rum.. tanung sila ng tanong.. bka kung anu pa msabi ko, kaya lumabas na lng ako para mag cr.. pagkabalik ko ng rum, medyo gulat kc nandun na siya.. hindi ganun kalayo ang upuan ko sa knya knina.. eh ilang ako sa kanya at aun ang totoo hindi ko alam kung panu namin haharapin ang isat isa.. kaya ginwa ko nkipagplitana ko ng upuan sa kabarkada ko.. dun pa lang halata na ng mga classmate nmin na may ngyari hindi maganda sa min.. kaya ung bestfriend ko pilit ng pilit kung anu ngyari sa min.. eh ayoko tlaga magslita.. basta sabi ko sa knya wala na lng.. aun at nagsimula na ang exam namin.. sabi ko sa sarili ko kanina kung kayo ko sagutan ng mas mabilis ung testpaper gagwin ko para makalabas ako agad sa rum.. at pmunta kung san ka gusto.. at aun nga nasgutan ko naman ng mabilis kc theology lang naman un.. sabi ko sa bestfriend ko hindi ko na siya hihitayin dahilan ko uuwi ako agad.. pero aun naman tlaga ginwa ko.. hanggat maari ayoko kc ng nkikita siya kc nasasaktan lng ako.. pero dumaan muna ako sa org rum namin para magpa attendance.. buti na lng nandun ung lgi kkong kaasaran kaya kahit papano ngumiti ako knina.. after nyun umuwi ako agad..

Ito na lang.. hindi naman toh pang habang buhay na sakit.. bata pa naman akew at maraming darating diyan cguro.. weh.. lakas tama na ko at nagbibigay ako ng advice sa sarili ko! haha

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Monday, March 19, 2007

"Kakailang kasi nabuking kami" -Fergie

Hay naku bigbad! medyo disspointed akew sa totoo lang! una invalid vote ko pangalawa rami kong ep! weh..

Haha.. pero cge na nga po wala naman akong magagawa tungkol diyan.. hehe.. tungkol sa resulta ng eviction eh aus lng naman po kc hindi tlaga nging active yang si xyrus.. sinayang niya lng ung pagkakataon sa totoo lang..

Tungkol sa mga invalid votes medyo kakailang kasi nabuking kami.. haha.. 1st time kc na invalid votes ko! weh.. ganun pla feeling! haha.. medyo awkward.. hihi.. pero aus lang eh kung aun naman ang totoo eh.. haha! lesson lernd cguro diyan eh mag basa maigi ng rules para hindi nagkakamli! haha..

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Xyruz is evicted

Xyruz, the 17-year-old highschool stud from California, had the highest net point (+32) in the 3rd Nomination.

Al is still the Household Head with -6 net point. He will get 3 SP in the next Nomination.

VH [Week 6] [Week 7] [Nom.] = Net Point

XYRUZ [+10] [+10] [+12] = +32
MIKHAIL [+8] [+12] [+8] = +28
RON [+8] [-1] [+4] = +11
FERGIE [-2] [+7] [+4] =
ANNE [+3] [+1] [x] = +4
ZENRICK [-1] [-3] [+4] = 0
NIZRHANE [0] [-1] [0] = -1
STEPHANIE [-3] [x] [x] = -3
AL [-5] [-5] [+4] = -6


Results of the 3rd Nomination

"Strawberry": The 4 EP is for xyrus. I gave him the highest weight because i can't see any effort coming from him. He didn't even posted a single word on the boards. I also haven't talked to him yet so I guess i don't feel his presence. He was very lax and he does deserve the EPs.

The 2 EP is for mikmik. I've already talked to this guy and we also had our own bonding but I think he has no time. And besides, this game needs patience and consistency and he lacks at it. I guess he felt out of place but I guess he might at least tried his best. We all had our own efforts and we are rewarded by that so I think it is just right to give him this because lately I can't see his effort.

The 2 SP is for nizzie! I'm just beginning to know her and besides it's her birthday so I gave the SP for her as a part of my gift. She has a very unique personality and I think she deserves to be saved. At first she has her own struggles in coping up w/ us but now I could say that she succeeded at it! She definitely belongs to the group and we enjoy being w/ her.

"Devastated": 4 EP for Xyrus. di ko sya maramdaman sa vhouse. Di ko pa sya nakakachat. Prang di nya pinapakita yun effort to interact with others. i just want him out.

2 EP for mikhail. Di na rin kasi sya masyadong active eh. di na rin sya ramdam sa vhouse. Di ko sya masyadong nakaka-usap. di ko pa sya ganon kakilala.

2 SP for NIzzie. Kasi active talga sya sa game. Ayoko pa sya matanggal. Gusto ko pa syang kilalanin at mas maging close pa sa kanya. Ok kasing syang kausap at nice person sya at may sense talga at birthday gift ko na rin vote ko sa kanya.


*AL aka "Angelcigarette":
i'll give 4 EP to xyrus. i'm giving him that points 'coz he doesn't seem to have any interest in the game. kahit minsan yata kasi ay hindi ko man lang siya nakitang online or nag-post ng anything sa board. hindi rin siya nakikisali sa mga usapan. i don't think hindi pedeng gawing reason ang pagkakaiba ng oras d2 at sa lugar n kung nasaan siya. si ron ay nasa ibang bansa rin, sa canada, but he still is active sa board.

2 EP for mikmik. these past few weeks eh hindi na siya nakakasali sa mga discussions. palagay ko ay busy siya sa studies nya. so i'm giving him EP para naman mas maging focused siya sa studies niya by this time. ngaun pa nmn na panahon ng final exams, he needs more time to focus on his studies.

2 SP for niz. 'coz hindi ko siya gustong matanggal sa game kasi isa siya sa nagbibigay buhay sa board. kapag natanggal na siya, mawawala na rin ang love triangle nila nina ron at zen. close rin kami so mahirap mawalan ng kakulitan sa board. isa pa birthday niya so it will serve as my birthday gift for her.

Violated maximum of 10-character-codename rule

*NIZRHANE aka "La Belle Noiseuse":
I'd like to give 4EPs to Xyruz. Even if I haven't got to talk to him. He hasn't showed up, or if he had showed up, he hasn't participated in the threads. Yeah, he may be busy but, it's should be known that he's got the boards for him to participate in.

2EPs to Mik-Mik. Kahit di ko man gusto na bigyan kita ng EPs...di ka na masyadong nag-o-online. Alam ko naman na busy ka pero, yun. Madami na ang activities natin. You're missing a lot na. I am sorry.

2SPs for Fergie. I believe na kahit madami na syang violations, he still IS the one who gives color to the house. And I don't care if we are in the most boring season ever. As long as we have Fergie here with us, I'm backing him up. Fergie's like a younger brother to me and that will never change.

Yun lang po, BBK.

Violated maximum of 10-character-codename rule

aka "Ice-Bear": I will give my 4 Ep to Xyrus..di ko cya nakikita sa bahay eh. Sa lahat ng housemyts na natitira, cya lang ang hindi active sa bahay. Hindi ko parin cya nakakausap at naging close na ako sa ibang housemyts kaya cya ang bibigyan ko.

I will give my 2 SP to Niz.. I feel na close na kami kahit di na kami nag uusap. I feel that we have lots in common. I also think that sa lahat ng housemyts parihas kami na minsan we feel left-out sa bahay...!!

Did not assign 2 EP to a co-VH

*FERGIE aka "CROWNprince": +4 evicting points po kay XYRUS kasi literally hindi ko siya maramdamn dito sa vhouse. hindi man lang siya nagpopost actwaly akong nakitang post niya kahit isa. Sana kahit papano gumawa siya ng paraan para mpaka usap sa min mga co vhs niya.. Kakahinayang lang kc sayang ung pagkakataon na pinasok siya dito tapos ganun lang pala. parang binalewala niya..

+2 evicting points kay MIKMIK kasi lately hindi na siya active, hindi siya nagpopsot tulad ng dati. Alam ko naman dahil busy siya kasi malapit na ang gradutaion pero bkit naman ako nyun kahit gagraduate na kmi eh may time pa ko maglro at mag internet. Palagy ko tinamad na din siya dito.

+2 saving points kay NIZ kasi bday gurl natin siya. Regalo ko na toh sa kanya kasi nice gurl naman siya at mabait sobra. Wholesome at opeminded sa lahat ng bagay. sana magaing masaya siya ngaung bday niya. and kasi masipag din siyang mag post hindi tulad ng ibang vhousemtae. Pag igihan mo pa ang pakikisama sa min!

Violated minimum of 4-sentence-justification rule (for 2 EP vote)

*RON aka "Public Enemy": Hi BBK... I wan't sure if there is already a nomination? anyway for the next one coming up my nomination would be:

Xyrus - 4 EP - He hasn't been active for quite some time since he came into the house. He has not posted anything on the boards. He hasn't posted any confession or diary. He also has not been in contact with the other VH's.

Mikhail - 2 EP - He has not been communicating with other VHs. He has not posted lately. He's always trying to get noticed by posting useless posts. Also that he need to focus on his school work more.

Al - 2 SP - He's trying to contact people even though he is not allowed to do that in his job. He is active in the boards. He's a very nice person and I would like to see him stay longer in the game.

Late submission of votes

*MIKHAIL and *XYRUZ did not participatee.

* Nomination penalty = 4 evicting points


Reward and Penalty Points for Week 7

Mikhail and Xyruz did not post at least one confession and diary entry this week. Each earned 8 EP.

Fergie did not post at least one confession this week. He earned 4 EP.

Violations and corresponding penalty point/s:
Fergie - visiting the game's blog (2 EP)
Nizrhane - direct message (1 EP)

Household council:
Fergie - asked more than 1 VH (1 EP)
Ron - asked more than 1 VH (1 EP)
Anne - asked on the last day (1 EP)
Mikhail - did not participate, did not respond thrice (4 EP)
Zyrux - did not participate, did not respond once (2 EP)

Household Head*: Al
Bonus from the girl VHs: Zenrick (3 SP)

The following received 2 SP each for blog updates*: Al

The following received 2 SP each for YM conversation transcripts*: Nizrhane and Ron

* Once every nomination


Fergie blogs: Wasted me..

I got this txt message ngaun lang habang nsa internet shop ako.. Im rily suprised kc knina ko pang umaga hinihintay ung txt niya bcoz hindi kami magkikita ngaun and wala namana kong exam ngaung araw.. nagulat ako na ang nabsa ko sa txt ay "fergie nahihirapan na ko, ayokong msaktan ka pero ganon din naman kung pagpapatuloy pa ntin" ung iba sa kin na lng..hindi ko na sasabhin lahat.. ung nraramdaman ko ngaun hindi ko mapaliwanag.. gusto kong umiyak pero hindi ko magawa kasi nandito nga ako sa shop.. bglang nwala ako sa konsetrasyon habng nagdodota kami.. nag quit nga ako bigla sa laro namin, ngalit pa ung kakampi ko.. Hindi ko alam, cguro ganto tlaga.. tutal malapit na din naman magtapos ang 2nd sem kya hindi na kami magkikita.. Hindi natupad ung mission ko na tuluyan ko siyang maagaw sa bf niya.. kasi mali naman tlaga.. hindi ako pedeng mgalit sa bf niya kasi ako lng naman ang sabit.. Gulong gulo ako ngaun kelangan ko na lng tanggapin cguro na realized niya ng mas mahal niya tlaga bf niya at ako ewan lng sa kanya.. asus, hay.. buhay.. kinewento ko na agad habang ung emosyon ko nandto pa.. ang hirap ito na naman ung nraramdamang kong naninikip ung dibdib ko.. mabuti na rin cguro ung ginawa niyang iwan ako para ma realized ko na hindi niya talaga ko kayang mahalin.. ok fyn! ang ganda naman ng inspiration ko dis week exam week.. hay.. =(.. parang kanina lang ang saya saya ko ngaun biglang..hay..after nito uuwi na ko..itutulog ko na lng toh..



Naku nalalapit na naman ang sumer! weh.. so far wala naman plano ang barkada kasi may pasok kami sa summer! haha.. oo tama! kahit summer eh aral pa din.. huhu.. kelangan ko kc marami akong hindi nakuha dis 2nd sem! argh! actwaly exam week namin naun finals.. la lang! parang wala lang sa kin kc konti lng naman units ko kaya medyo hindi ako ntataranta. pero ung mga project naku hindi ko pa ngagawa! waaaaa! mamaya na lng cgruo pag cnipag ako... kung sisispagin ako! haha! eh mukang nkakatuwa mag dota ngaun eh lalao na kung pustahan! haha.. medyo wala ako sa mud mag blog kc ang rami kong iniitindi na gagawin.. haha.. pero aus na toh alis nakapg update ako.. knina pumasok pa ko ng skul para lng magbayd ng tuition eh kaso kulang naman kasi may balance pa kaya aun kelangan ko agahan bukas para hindi ako abtuan ng exam time ko!

Bukas exam ko sa theology 10-12pm ..

Tingin ko naman papasa ako dun! haha.. pramis! hehe

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"Game really works and the objective is being achieved" -Anne

Last friday is nizzie's birthday and we all greeted her and made an effort to make her happy! so this is just an implication that this game really works and the objective is being achieved...friendship not stupid as other people thinks of this game but it is a treasure to keep...we earn friends here, though we dont see each other and maybe never will but we all know that if we need some people to talk to we are all here...a friend is always a friend no matter what the distance is...the game is getting tougher as time passes by...tough in sense that we are becoming closer and we dont know who to drop? it is hard because we formed friendship between all of us and that is what spices the game!...ciao!

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"I will have a boyfriend before the summer ends" -Anne

Ive been thinking lately bout sa love life ko eh parang ang gulo nga...iv been through a lot of things already so i should know what to do by now but honestly i dont! hmmm...bkit ganun, lagi na lang love ang problem ng tao? i guess its just the most complicated thing! it produces extreme joy and pain...bout my last diary...we are really getting close! and maybe i will have a boyfriend before the summer ends school life is a trash! im bored with my course! it's really hard i swear! i dont feel that accountancy is really for me...i feel lost! im not happy with it...but running from it would again create a more complicated problem...maybe because i also dont know what i this normal? ggrrr!!! im confused!...dont know what to say...this is the worst part of my life! i felt totally lost!...till here...ciao!

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Al blogs: Another experience

Last Friday, sinamahan ko ang barkada ko na si Meliza sa bago niyang project. Simple lang naman. Ang maging mystery shopper ng 7-Eleven. Madali lang naman, magpapanggap lang naman kami na shopper pero i-tse-check mo iyong place. Kung malinis ba, maganda ba ang service, kung kumpleto ba sila ng stocks, things like that.

Nung sinabi niya na wala kaming gagawin kundi kakain ng siopao tsaka hotdog sabi ko okay lang. Iyon lang pala ang gagawin. Pero kamusta naman ang anim na store na pinuntahan namin na halos dalawang kanto lang yata ang layo sa bawat isa. Tapos kakaubos mo pa lang ang Surpee o Glup mo eh bibili ka na naman ng isa. Ok lang iyong sa pagkain kasi pwede naman iyong iuwi, pero iyong drinks, good luck kung saan mo siya pede ilagay. Nakakahinayang na itapon kahit na pera ng company nila ang gamit namin. And since malalapit lang ang stores na pinuntahan namin eh nilakad n lang namin iyong iba. Ang sakit sa paa. Grabe. Kaya nung makating kami sa huling place namin (which is fortunately malapit lang sa boarding house namin) eh hingal-kabayo na kami. Swear.

Kung alam ko lang na ganoon ang sasapitin namin, hindi ko na sana sinamahan ang barkada ko. Imagine, ipinagpalit ko ang gimik sa kanya! He, he. Tapos ginawa lang niya akong tagabitbit ng mabigat niyang bag! Mga babae talaga! Ha, ha! Mukhang nakalimutan kong banggitin na 10 p.m. ang start ng mystery shopping na ginawa namin. Hay... Tuloy, pagdating sa boarding house namin ay nagpahinga lang ako, naligo, at tuloy uwi na sa Bulacan. Sa Bus na lang ako natulog.

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